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Please use the form below to select the type of support you need and share with us a bit more about the event or activity you are requesting support for. At this time, we can support Spanish and English language applications for Travel Assistance. We can support only English applications for Technical Assistance.

inroads currently has the budget to support:

  1. a limited number of members to travel to events and represent their stigma work and inroads
  2. requests for specific technical assistance in stigma reduction work.

Upon sending us your request through this form, you will be alerted to the reply time, but a rough guideline is that Travel Assistance applications will be reviewed monthly and Technical assistance requests will be reviewed and replied to within a calendar week.

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inroads has limited funding to support the membership to attend events. Please be specific about what you need funded in order to attend your event.

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Technical Assistance

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Have you identified any people or organizations with the experiences or skills to support you in providing the solutions?


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We are building up our database of members who can provide assistance. What type of support can you supply to others?

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